GDT European Nature Photographer of the Year 2015 winners

Now in it’s 15th year the Society for German Nature Photographers invited professional and non-professional photographers from all over Europe to join their competition.

The grand prize was taken out by Klaus Tamm (Germany) for his shot of an endangered flower “Marsh Gladiolus”.

Here are some of the other stunning winners:

Jessica Winter

”Resting place’ by Jessica Winter.

Florian Smit

‘Great Emotions’ by Florian Smit.

Alejandro Prieto

‘A ghost in the Okavango delta’ by Alejandro Prieto.

Looking for Photo Competitions to enter? Check out Experiential Photographer of the Year 2015, with a luxury safari in Botswana up for grabs – Official Competition Site.

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Why is Vitamin D Essential for Optimal Health?

As many of my clients are already aware, vitamin D is one of the only vitamin supplements that I often recommend people include. Getting an adequate amount of this vitamin is incredibly important and unfortunately many of us fail to do so! Experts have predicted that at least one billion people around the globe are deficient in this vitamin. A quick blood test will determine your vitamin D levels and an optimum range is between 50-80 ng/ml. On the other hand, it is also important not to overdose on vitamin D as excess amounts will remain in your system, often leading to high blood calcium levels, nausea and sometimes even kidney stones.

The main roles that vitamin D has in the body are to maintain bone mass, help the body to properly absorb calcium and also to protect against injury whilst also alleviating any musculoskelatal pain.

Your immune system is one…

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Sooooo…It’s Election Day In The UK


Cute Overload

Paul P. sent us a video of this cute birdeh, and remarked “This robin’s standing for election, I think.” The fact that it’s election day….and the bird is chirping on the fence at the PM’s house…must have some connection.

UPDATE JUST IN: OK, we got an update from Paul. “That door is #10 Downing Street, London– the British equivalent of the White House where the Prime Minister lives and holds his cabinet. While the general election is on, the press are waiting, and spend their time filming the local this fox.”

“There’s also Larry the famous Downing St cat.” I love the British media.

Right, play the clip.

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Depth Of Field: Creating Shadow Images

Here’s a cool photo I took today while on a zoo safari. The photographic material there is inexhaustible. I used ISO 1250, F/4.7, 1/1250″ to create a shallow depth of field so the branch in the background would be completely blurred yet retain enough of its shape and color to resemble a shadow image of the sharply focused image in the foreground. It works for me. 🙂

Shadow Imaging

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Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by contributor Hank Shaw, a 63-year-old writer living in Rochester, N.Y. Many of his friends and family members have suffered from depression and serious mental health challenges.

About this photo: “I took this at Niagara Falls in March two years ago and edited it with a painting app. NF was a thrilling place to be at the end of winter. Few tourists, a river jumping with energy and floodwater, seagulls flying and screaming at the brink of the falls, trees crystalline with ice, and buildings on the other side silhouetted in the heavy, frozen mist. To me, this image represents turbulence, with both a positive and negative side. And it represents the turbulence that can be found in the natural world as well as in our minds.”


**Visit Broken Light’s main gallery here ▸ Now a 501(c)3 non-profit! Please donate here.

*Facebook & Twitter @BrokenLighCo & @DanielleHark. Follow for…

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