Depth Of Field: Creating Shadow Images

Here’s a cool photo I took today while on a zoo safari. The photographic material there is inexhaustible. I used ISO 1250, F/4.7, 1/1250″ to create a shallow depth of field so the branch in the background would be completely blurred yet retain enough of its shape and color to resemble a shadow image of the sharply focused image in the foreground. It works for me. 🙂

Shadow Imaging

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Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by contributor Hank Shaw, a 63-year-old writer living in Rochester, N.Y. Many of his friends and family members have suffered from depression and serious mental health challenges.

About this photo: “I took this at Niagara Falls in March two years ago and edited it with a painting app. NF was a thrilling place to be at the end of winter. Few tourists, a river jumping with energy and floodwater, seagulls flying and screaming at the brink of the falls, trees crystalline with ice, and buildings on the other side silhouetted in the heavy, frozen mist. To me, this image represents turbulence, with both a positive and negative side. And it represents the turbulence that can be found in the natural world as well as in our minds.”


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Şiir Antolojim

Bir çiçek demeti gönderiyorum size,
Kendi elimle kopardım bu çiçekleri;
Yarına kadar hepsi döküleceklerdi,
Biri çıkıp akşamdan onları dermese.

Size güzel bir ders olmalı bu hadise;
İstediğiniz kadar güzel olun şimdi,
Kaybedeceksiniz elbet bu güzelliği,
Bu çiçekler gibi solacaksınız siz de.

Zaman geçiyor sultanım, geçiyor zaman.
Zaman değil geçen, en güzel çağı ömrün;
O büyük dalga bizi de alacak bir gün.

Göçüp gittiğimiz gün biz de bu dünyadan
Unutulur sevdiğiniz, sevildiğiniz,
Sevmeye bakın geçmeden güzelliğiniz.

Pierre de Ronsard
Türkçesi: O.Veli Kanıksoneler

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Now On Android, Handpick App Helps Shoppers Create Better Grocery Lists


Handpick lets you figure out what dishes you can make with a few ingredients, but it aspires to be much more than a recipe discovery app. With the data gleaned from its users and by combing through millions of food postings on social networks and the web, Handpick hopes to help e-commerce companies tackle the food and beverage market.

The company just released its first Android app (its iOS app came out in January) and has raised a $3 million Series A from investors including Clearvue Partners, Cathay Capital founder and chairman Mingpo Cai, and Jean Pascal Tricoire, the Global CEO of Schneider Electric.

Handpick’s co-founders are Payman Nejati, Joel Wang, and Jean-Pierre Chessé, who was formerly founder and CEO of SINODIS, one of the largest food importers and distributors in China.

Nejati says Handpick is already in discussions with e-commerce partners, but can’t disclose who they are until agreements are…

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